This is the place

Great Hucklow, Derbyshire

There’s a place where I can go

when I feel low, when I feel blue…

(The Beatles, ‘There’s a Place’, 1963)

There’s a place I came to
so often in those days.
It was a very special place
for me back then.
To come here now stirs memories
of friends and lovers lost,
of hopes and plans for a future
that never came.
Instead another future
took its place, a counterfeit,
where we few who remain
grow old and tired and mortal.

That was never part of the plan.
Our music and our singing
ceased long ago –
our days of fun and earnest endeavour,
our nights of wonder and of loving.
Others have taken our place,
who know little of us
or of what we did and hoped and planned.
They have their own memories
to construct in this place –
where memories are generated
from the walls and from the earth.
They have their hopes and plans too,
but those will go the way of ours.
We cannot determine our own future,
let alone that of our successors.
It is the love we share here
that really matters, it always was,
and that is for now – this moment –
and, maybe, for remembering.

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