A prayer of willing well-being

For all those suffering illness and loss
For those unable to say goodbye
For all those left with too much, even everything, unsaid.
I pray to will your well-being.

For those with whom we disagree sometimes strongly
For those who offend me often wrongly
For leaders even as they appear not to lead for all
For everyone who at some time fails I pray to will your well-being.

For those living in the arms of poverty
In the breaths of disasters of earth, mind and body
And in the desperation of violence and war I pray to will your well-being.

May this prayer offer from the heart
That every person from now can be the best person that they could ever have been That each situation can be resolved or received with some meaning and some peace I pray to will these well beings

With love with hope
To a forwards that brings all of our pasts forwards
With open embracing hearts

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