A prayer to the watchmaker

Dear God,

I once read in a dusty old theology book that you are like a watchmaker who put the mechanics together, wound up the story and laws of the universe, but then stepped back as eternity began to tick by…

Second by second, moment by moment, day by day, year by year.

It makes some sense – a finely tuned machine which continues to run; a mechanism that just continues with no need of interference,

And it does explain why sometimes you don’t seem to answer prayers, and why you might seem somewhat distant.

But here’s the thing: I don’t very much like the idea of you being so absent.

I’d prefer you to be the heartbeat of my soul rather than a distant technician that causes reality to tick.

If you did start all of this off then I admit it was an impressive trick.

But I’d be more impressed if you got involved now.

Maybe you do.

Maybe it’s just that the world got so busy and so noisy that your presence gets drowned out.

But God…

It’s not a watchmaker I need,

Or an idea,

Or a concept….

What I need is immanence –

To know (or at least suspect) that you are right here,

With me – or somewhere not too far off –

Present in this world, or at least aware of it.

So, if you could let me know you got this prayer, that would be great.


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