An alphabet of life and living

A is accepting that there are other points of view to be considered.
B is recognising what is beautiful in ourselves as well as in others.
C is nurturing curiosity in all and everything around us,
D is daring to be brave and speaking out against injustice, not easy to do.
E is enjoying what we have rather than envying others.
F is having fun at every opportunity.
G is having the good grace to accept and admit when we’re wrong.
H is the comfort a hug will bring to someone who may need it.
I is to be ‘interested’ as well as ‘interesting’.
J is just being ourselves and not adopting false affectations.
K is kissing whether in greeting, friendship or love.
L is trying to be a good listener.
M is meaning what we say when we say it.
N is never making promises we cannot or will not keep.
O is for opening our ears and hearts when someone is troubled.
P is making time to play as well as to work.
Q is finding quiet moments alone for our own thoughts.
R is realising that often something good come out out of bad.
S is the sharing of joys and all that is good in our lives with others.
T is remembering to say ‘thank you’ more than we do.
U is valuing our uniqueness.
V is recognising that victory is hollow if won cheaply or dishonestly.
W is working for what we need or want rather than waiting for or expecting it to come to us for nothing.
X is striving to rid ourselves of the xenophobia that may lie within us.
Y is learning to recognise that what we yearn for, but cannot have, consumes energy we can usefully spend on something worthwhile and achievable.
Z is sustaining our zest for life, even when life gets difficult.

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