And we call it Christmas

And we call it Christmas yet where is Christ?
So we have no workhouses, let’s take homelessness and food banks.
So we have freedom of expression and thought, let’s take mental and sexual and psychological torment.
So we have this fabulous increase in wealth, let’s take a local inequality and make it a global inequality so we can comfort ourselves as we don’t see the dying and the suffering in the current workshops of the world, from this the original workshop.
So we have and see more natural disaster, let’s take as inevitable and natural even divine.
So we have grown on this present planet as billions, let’s take this success and quietly move towards our meteor.
Amongst all this it’s Christmas but where is Christ?
So we have healthcare and welfare, let’s remember the scale of the goodness of it and why we have it, not the bitterness some have with the why.
So we have a new world community, let’s embrace the scale and goodness thanks to material growth and media exposure and the good politicians and the millions of self-effacing helpers, not the anger of the despots, the cruel and the heartless. 
So we have many world spiritualities, let’s remember all of them each with one step at a time in the direction of hope, compassion and love, not the darkness of sectarian belief.
And we call it Christmas of course there is Christ.
It is in every desire to help.
It is in every expression of love.
It is in every discomforted soul now settled
It is in every expression striving for global harmony of planet, of equality, of animal’s nature and the universe.
All those people and things of spirit are the essence of Christ and so it is Christmas.
Take a word a sentence, or all of this and take Christmas with you in your pocket.
Just make sure you take it out and look at it every day.
This is Christmas there is Christ in all of us.

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