Apple crumble – a true story

She came to my house, with flowers from the market and apples from her garden – they don’t need sugar, she said, they’re just right as they are. There’s lots there and more if you need them.

And I said, my daughters have collected some blackberries. And she nodded.

Because a wise woman can predict a crumble.

And so she asked me how I was. I told her and she believed me.

“I believe you” she said.

And we put the flowers in a vase, and she showed me a photo of her grandson in the rain, and a video of a woman celebrating her 100th birthday.

Not everyone will understand she said, but many will, so you stick with us. Stick with us until you can get out again, and put your hands in the soil, and your feet on the ground. And grow apples in your own garden.

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