Blood of Christ: For Good Friday

“Our illuminator, Jesus, came down…
And he bore a crown of thorns. And
he put on a purple garment. And he
was crucified on a tree…”
– ‘The Letter of Peter to Philip’, 2nd/3rd century.

Blood of Christ,
shed for everyone.
Blood of Christ,
blood like ours, blood like everyone’s.
Blood of Christ,
blood of the martyrs who die for conscience sake.

Blood of Christ,
blood of the innocents, dead at violent hands.
Blood of Christ,
blood of all who suffer unjustly.
Blood of Christ,
blood of the people killed in disasters natural
and unnatural.

Blood of Christ,
blood of the casualties of war,
wounded and slain in defence of freedom;
wounded and slain in the service of tyranny.
Blood of Christ,
shed by a man nailed to a cross,
shed for love and the liberation of the human soul.
Blood of Christ,
shed for us who know the Way he walked but
who struggle to follow.

Blood of Christ,
shed to bleed his spirit into the world,
a world alive with God’s breath, as he was.
Blood of Christ,
flowing from his broken body long ago.
Body of Christ,
which we are now, who gather in his name.

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