Chalice lighting and prayer

Chalice lighting

As we light this one small flame,

let it stand for the unquenchable fire of light and truth

which burns brightly at the start of creation,

and in every human heart

that is kindled with the divine flame.


Strong Father God, protect us from harm. Show us how to care for those weaker than ourselves.

Loving Mother God, embrace and hold us. Enable us to love our neighbours and include all humanity within our circle of compassion.

Playful Sister God, surprise and delight us. Reveal the wonders of Creation and open our eyes so that we pay attention to the glory in the everyday.

Ardent Brother God, impassion us to fight injustice. Lend us your clear- sightedness and the will to bring fair shares to all.

Helpless Infant God, fill us with tenderness. Enable us to grow into our full humanity as we care for those who need our loving kindness.

God, in our best aspects we evoke your spirit. Be with us, be in us, let our hands be your hands and let our acts be worthy of the spirit that inspires us. Today, tomorrow and always.


 by Jenny Jacobs, and used in the service which she led on Sunday 8 January 2017

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