Christmas eternal

There will always be Herods in this world: Petty men in large palaces, Murderers of dreams. And there will always be a little Herod in us, scribbling decrees on our map of the Heavens.

There will always be Magi in this world: Followers of the tiny spark, those who will go to the ends of the earth for wonder. And there will always be a little Magi in us, wiser in our dreams than we know.

There will always be shepherds in this world: Holy caretakers of little ones, Whose service is interrupted by song. And there will always be a little shepherd in us, bearers of heart-treasure for the mother of the world.

There will always be angels: Vast armies whose only power is praise, The night’s manifold courage. And there will always be a little angel in us, shining and singing our hearts out for new life.

And the time will come. And love will be there, too.

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