Easter 2020

This reading first appeared in The Inquirer, Issue 7984, Easter 2020

From midday a darkness fell over the whole land…” – Matthew 27: 45
The angel spoke to the women: ‘You have nothing to fear. He has been raised.’ They hurried away in awe and great joy.” – Matthew 28: 5-6, 8
There was another horse, sickly pale; its rider’s name was Death.” – Revelation 6:8 “A white horse appeared; its rider’s name was Faithful and True.” – Revelation 19:11 “Winter gray and falling rain. We’ll see summer come again.”– The Grateful Dead, ‘Weather Report’ (1973)

It was a time of failing hope; a time of betrayal, despair and darkness at noon; a time when fear and death seemed to triumph.

There have been many such times. Times when it seemed that the pale horse and its ghastly rider might drive life from the earth.

Maybe we live in such a blighted time, even though we are surrounded by springtime flowers and bursting buds.

There is a shadow over the world, robbing us of the season’s joy, mocking its beauty.

But though we must not diminish the dangers we face, let us remember that death never has the last word.

The faith of Easter is that beyond darkness there is light, beyond sorrow there is joy, beyond death there is life.

We are called to be messengers of hope and compassion to each other, to our neighbours and to the world.

When the crisis passes may each of us be able to reflect that we didn’t altogether fail the test of love, conscience and humanity.

We are living through a bitter, fearful spring, but it will come to an end and we’ll see summer come again.

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