We gather at this time of harvest, to give thanks for the many blessings we receive, and to acknowledge the work which has made them possible. So much of our lives is disconnected from the earth which sustains us, and we pause now to remember its bounty. 

Along with the bounty, life on earth meets much hardship. At this time of harvest, as the weather turns, we prepare for the coming winter. We pray for the strength to endure the coming cold and we give thanks for the food and the fuel which will help us to survive it. 

As we prepare for the future, we remember also the past. All of us hold in our hearts the memories both of joy and of sorrow. We give thanks for the happiness we have known, and we pray that we may survive the hardships of the spirit as well as of the body. As the winter is made easier by the harvest stores and the knowledge of the following spring, so may our spiritual winters be made easier by the memory of joy and the good things still to come. 

So may it be. 


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