Holiday wish list

This originally appeared in The Inquirer, Issue 8025

Like a child before the presents are opened,
Like a man on his first bite of beef stew,
My spirit is everything-greedy,
I want holidays – and Holy Days, too.
Give me a hustle and bustle in the kitchen,
Where loved ones cook for each other,
Give me laughter and talk that fills houses,
From great aunts and new friends and
I’ll even welcome the madness of shopping,
With those carols over-processed by factory,
I’ll admit to an inner consumer
that finds a give-and-get world
But before we banish the winter,
And smother it in tinsel and light,
I want the quiet of this season within me,
The peace of the cold winter night.
I want the time to mourn what’s still
I want the light of a candle, or less,
There are guests within the soul’s manger
That only the darkness can bless.
You might think I’m being too greedy,
And who knows, maybe that’s true,
As we speak, my wants are expanding,
Because I want them double for you.

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