This poem first appeared in the BUF News, June 2023. The author, Iris Jubb, was 11 years old when she wrote it, making her our youngest Worship Words author so far.

Hope is a sea birds eyes, cold and lost
Hope is a heartbroken love
High in the heavens above
Hope is the snow and the frost hiding love and loss
Hope is a small green bud lifting the soil
Hopefully with a plan like that it won’t foil
Hope is dark grey skies
clearing before your eyes
Hope is clean crisp air on a spring morn
Hopefully you will cherish it till dawn
There is hope within

Even when the leaves fall to the ground
beauty can still be found
Even when the warmth goes to sleep
Hope is something you can always keep
There is hope within

When people think all hope is lost remember
All cold hearts will defrost
And a spark of magic hides
When the cold and damp seeps in
Hope lights a fire inside
So remember when the sorrowed bird sings
There is hope within

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