Joseph Priestley

Any 76 76 76 76 tune will fit

I am a Unitarian.
Joe Priestley is my name.
I am a strict one-Godder,
who from West Riding came.
I preached the Word at Nantwich,
in Leeds and Birmingham;
but now I live in exile,
American, I am.
For wanting human freedom 
they burned my chapel down.
They said I was seditious 
and drove me from the town.
Briefly I fled to London.
At Hackney I was heard,
and now in Pennyslvania
I’m still preaching the Word.
In science and other subjects
great interest I’ve displayed.
Oxygen I discovered,
first soda water made.
In history I’m a doctor.
In electricity
I’ve published all my findings.
I’ve taught academy.
Now all you who come after
both sides th’ Atlantic sea,
remember what I’ve taught you,
that God is one not three;
that Jesus was God’s prophet
a person like yourself,
and even human sinners
God takest to himself.

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