Let us open our hearts to prayer

Let us open our hearts to prayer.   
Love is the doctrine of this church.   
Love that transcends.   
Love that forgives.  
Love that nourishes.  
Love that heals.  
Love that reaches out to help.  
Love that makes friendships strong.  
Let us be thankful for love in our lives.   
We may find love in people or places, or pets or find love alone in the beauty of solitude.    

Let our hearts also reach out to those places and those people where there is little love or no love.    
Places where love has been denied.   
Places where love is a weapon and not a gift.    
Let our prayer of love reach into those sad places with hope and strength.     

Let our prayer of love reach out to one another today, a welcoming, supporting love, that tells us we are a community who care for one another, support one another in sickness and in health, in joy, and in sorrow.  
Let us think of God’s love as a warm light that lives within us, that can shine from us. May that love lift us when we feel down and be praised when we are happy.

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