Meditational prayer

Let my prayer be a path of discovery towards knowledge of that which I cannot see.

Let my prayer be a question to the something which is in everything and is everywhere around me.

What is it, who is it, that touches the heart when the sun rises on the morning, or splashes the sky with colours as the sun goes down? 

What force, what mind created the scenes so splendid, so calm, so serene?

Who’s touch, what touch added beauty to the mechanical process of growth, that notified the trees of their seasons, when the bud should open and when the leaf should fall, that roused the slumbering seed and set it to grow?
How was the picture of decay engraved ?

What hand painted the delicate shades of each species to distinguish them unique, that gave the fox its tail and the kingfisher its colours ?

Something from within, something from without, touches each of us in the highs and lows of life.

When the spirit soars it is lifted by unfelt wings; when life collapses into a heap of worry, the soul is caressed by the gentle touch of hope. 

What name can we give to this life that fills our life and reveals itself unseen?

The prayer that seeks to know will find the answer in the still moments, as well as in the storm.

May our prayer unite us with the unknown that is within everything, and seems to come from the deep unknown of human life.

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