New exodus

This appears as a suggested prayer in the 2023 Migration Worship and Resource Pack

No Moses leads them
to a promised land
but still they come
preyed on by parasites
without humanity.

They may number hundreds,
thousands, but they are not
a ‘flood’, a ‘tidal wave’
they are people – each one
with their own story.

Still they come, in flight
from war and terror
hunger and poverty –
desperate with hope.

Still they come, from lands
that cannot hold them
to a continent that offers
scant welcome.

Still they come, in wretchedness
and danger, seeking peace –
seeking a chance of food for all,
work for all, shelter for all.
Seeking the chance to prosper,
the chance for their children
not to die.

Still they come
from blighted hate-ravaged communities,
from a continent of promise unfulfilled.
No Moses leads them,
but milk and honey
beckon just the same.

Still they come,
and we don’t know what to do.

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