Not of this world

This reflection first appeared in The Inquirer, 8033, April 2022

My kingdom is not of this world – John 18: 36

As we remember Jesus on this commemoration of his death we recognise that he stood for all of us and especially for those who have been unjustly killed, all who have died as martyrs for God and for humanity. The abuse, the pain and the cruelty he suered were not his alone. They are that which is inflicted on so many men, women and children by those who abdicate their humanity to become instruments of evil. Today we turn our thoughts especially to the people of a crucified nation, the innocent objects of an alien aggressor’s malice. We pray for their deliverance. The kingdom Jesus claimed was not a kingdom of this world, of worldly standards, worldly ambitions, worldly arrogance. It is a kingdom – a realm – of the Spirit. It welcomes all who enter it without pretence, all who reach out with humility, reverence and loving-kindness to their sisters and brothers on this sacred earth. May we all be citizens of this kingdom, a kingdom that is in this world but not of it. So be it.

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