Our Chalice of Communion

This is a service of communion and
this is our chalice of communion
at which all are welcome who come
in goodwill.

All are equal here as they are equal
in the presence of the great mystery
we know as God. May no false divisions
of race or nation, class or sect, caste
or gender, or any other, be present here.

We hold in our hearts the memory of
Jesus and his friends, of the community
they formed and which they sealed and
celebrated in bread and wine.

We remember his sacrifice, his death on
the cross, as we remember and honour
all who have been martyred for their faith
and their commitment to humanity.

We kindle our chalice flame in tribute
to all who have walked the way of
truth with kindness and humility, all
who have been the loving divine
presence in this troubled world.

And we kindle our chalice flame to
remember the tongues of fire at
Pentecost, the Spirit that filled
the disciples and which we welcome
among us in our worship and our

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