Peace prayer

Oh you to whom we pray
And to whom we give many names and none,
May our prayer be heard.
In our world there is so much conflict,
So much division,
So much hatred over so little;
The colour of skin,
The name of the divine,
The manner of dress,
Whether we are man or woman
Or neither or both.
Whether we are rich or poor
In wealth or spirit.
Whether we are healthy or sick
In body of mind.
Whether we are strong or weak
Or perceived as such.
In all these, anger and bitterness set us apart.
Help us, you, to whom we pray
Whether we pray inwardly or outwardly,
In word or deed,
In hope or despair,
Together or alone,
Openly or in secret.
Help us to see that such divisions are nought but our striving to understand our own humanity.
May we not grasp blindly to one fragile realisation, fearful of another’s wisdom,
But open our hearts to the ineffability of the Divine,
A Divine too great to be expressed or described in mere words,
And accepting our limitations
Humbly accept that we each hold but a strand of the great whole
The inexpressible wonder of the Divine
And weave together our humble understanding
Into a tapestry of love and peace.

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