Prayer for induction of a Minister

I invite you to share a time of reflection, of meditation, and of prayer. 
I call you to be alone, together.
I call you, one by one, to the priesthood and the prophethood of all believers,
and together, I call you to the ministry of the whole congregation. 

Ministry – it’s not the task of one person especially called by God.
It is the task of many persons called to be together.
Ministry – it’s not the responsibility of one person dispensing grace.
It is the responsibility of many persons caring for each other.
Ministry – it’s not the proclamation of one person, crying in the wind.
It is the proclamation of many persons acting together.
Ministry – it’s not the prophethood of a single lone voice.
It is the prophethood of many voices speaking truth to power.
Ministry – it’s not the priesthood of one ordained person.
It is the priesthood of a whole community.

Ministry  - it is the responsibility of a whole congregation,
helped by someone whom they have specially chosen.
Ministry – it is a whole congregation sharing love,
guided by an insightful observer of the human condition.
Ministry – it is a community of justice and love,
encouraged by someone brave enough to confront prejudice.
Ministry – it is the priesthood and prophethood of all believers,
shared with someone who is a prophet and a priest among them.
Ministry – it is many persons in mutual care,
blessed by one person in whom they have particular trust. 

Sacred, silent, ministering presence – in, around, and among us – we rest awhile in your being as we reflect upon the meaning and the significance of ministry among us. 

Gentle ministering presence, bless us here together now; and bless this city and bless this nation and bless its many communities of faith and culture; and may wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity be the guidance of our days. 

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