Prayer for the Unitarian General Assembly

Eternal Spirit, we celebrate the unity and diversity of our Unitarian General Assembly, and the congregations of individuals it joins together in loving fellowship.

May we guard and cherish always, the right of religious free thought won for us by the sacrifices of past generations.

We celebrate the joy of being together, of exploring in community the mystery and wonder of Life, the transient and the eternal.

May we, in our diverse Unitarian family, gently engage each other’s hearts and minds. Wherever we are on our common journey, may we see ourselves in others and respond to their needs.

We celebrate the spirit of goodwill shown by all who serve our General Assembly, its congregations, its Districts and its affiliated societies. We celebrate and value the precious ties of fellowship with Unitarians and Universalists worldwide.

May we reach out to people of goodwill the world over, who strive for global justice, international peace and the rights and dignity of all.

We celebrate our links with the United Nations Association, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, Amnesty International and all organisations bearing witness for human solidarity, and the protection of our common human rights worldwide.

May we see ourselves in the faces of all victims of injustice. In a spirit of universal compassion may we show we care by our actions.

Spirit of Life and Love, inspire us by the unfading vision of the peaceable kingdom imagined by Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth, and other prophets and sages throughout the ages. We fondly dream of that ideal commonwealth in which all living creatures may dwell in love and peace.

Touch our hearts to struggle, with passion, and with invincible hope, to realise that vision here on Earth. 

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