Prayer, to accompany the hymn ‘a core of silence’

Prayer is woven into the fabric of all things, so we gather, not to form a prayer, but to give space for our hearts to offer the prayers which form in us in every moment of our lives: when we are alone, with time for contemplation; when we are together with our loved ones; and when our thoughts find their way to those from whom we are separated by distance or loss. We gather to acknowledge and make room for the core of silence which breathes beyond our words, and to hear the voice of our hearts, souls or spirits. Let us enter the quiet place now and seek the stillness behind the words, which some name spirit, some name God, and others find too vast for words. SILENCE Sound and silence are not enemies, but two halves of the pattern, As the black ink and the white page are meaningless without each other. Half the music lies within the pause between the arches of the heart.

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