The pearl

I stand here before the ancestors, 
Empty and hollow 
And open to the waves. 
I am a shell awaiting the bright 
Sunlight to warm me, 
The black sea to fill me. 

Deep within, a grain of sand so sharp 
And fine comes to rest, 
While each day, on this shore, 
The sun kindles the fire of my soul, 
And ev’ry night, dark 
Waters purify me. 

Then the tiny grain, a speck of grit 
Soon begins to grow, 
Becoming full and moon-shaped 
Until from this lowly, lonely seed: 
Precious and new, 
A perfect pearl is formed. 

I fear for this delicate being, 
But it is stronger 
Than I can imagine. 
Seafoam green and shrimpy pink, by turns, 
It blushes and glows, 
Lit up with inner joy. 

It grows within me ’til the time comes: 
The womb-like chamber 
Of my heart opens wide 
And the pearl wakes, breathing the first breath 
Of a new dawn, wild 
With possibility. 

Nourished, blessed by sun and sea, the seed 
Has developed well. 
Born whole. entire. complete. 
Lying here with me on the shore, full 
Of hope and promise, 
This is Spring’s gift to me. 
(A gift of the Vernal Equinox) 

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