The same stars shine: Christmas 2020

The same stars shine on us
as shone on Bethlehem
when Jesus was born.

They shone on the same world
with light that even then was
ancient beyond comprehension.

It was a world of misery and unrest,
beset by war and pestilence,
oppression and bitterness,
cruelty, grief, and pain.

It was a world not so very unlike
our own as we might think.
But there was hope,
shining like the stars,

Shining in a child, in his mother’s love.
Shining in his father’s tenderness.
Shining in the wonder of shepherds,
the awe of travelling sages.

And there is hope now, shining in human love,
shining in human courage and compassion,
in the human mind turned to good and noble ends,
shining with the Spirit that filled Jesus.

Beneath the same stars that shone on Jesus,
on all great souls, all souls who strive and
struggle on this good earth, we pray to be
worthy of the promise implicit in our birth.

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