We pray in a world fractured by violence

We pray in a world fractured by violence. 
We pray in sorrow that so many are pitched into a life of suffering and despair by the inhumanity of violent warfare.   
We pray for peace in a world without peace.   
We pray in sadness that there can be poverty in the midst of plenty, no matter how civilised, how advanced a society claims to be.  
We pray in a world whose climate is in the turmoil of change.     

What can we do?   
We pray to God, saying “hear our prayer”, wanting wrath to fall on the evil doers and to provide sanctuary for the afflicted.  
We pray for wonders and salvation on earth but the heavens sound is empty.

And yet we know that prayer has power. 
Prayer wakens the spirit of holiness in our own being.  
Prayer generates love.  
Prayer generates the light of godliness and projects it into the darkness of the world.   
Prayer comforts.  
Prayer overcomes.  
Prayer calms the excited mind.     
Prayer activates the soul and gives  warmth to the heart.    

The spirit divine we label as God is a presence in the heart.   
Cruel and chaotic as the world may be, it is not without love.  
Love that comes from the soul called by prayer. 
The god we pray to dwells within every soul calling to bind up the broken and to release the dove of peace. 
When we pray we create love and that love flows into the world as a healing balm.  Let us pray for our love to be stronger and its light never fade.

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