Where is your God?

‘“Where is your God?” they say…’

(James Martineau)

My God is in the swirling majesty of galaxies, and in
the fundamental components of whatever matter is,
both light and dark.

My God is in the breath of every life that breathes
the atmosphere of Earth, and of every kindred
planet there must be.

My God is in the wisdom of the ages, and in every
truth discovered by the human mind and heart.

My God is in the voices of the prophets,
the witness of the scriptures, the sacrifice of martyrs.

My God is in the human spirit, moving it to
kindness, steeling it with courage, healing it
with love – as Jesus showed us.

My God is in the thirst for justice that is denied
to others, and in the impulse to mercy when it
is denied to us.

My God is in the beauty of Creation and in its terrors too,
calling us to reverence and compassion.

My God is in the communities we make,
helping us transcend our fearful selves
to know the Oneness that is Divine.

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